to all i make fun of…


what in the world am i doing? i make fun of these people. i don’t believe in online diaries… (you all know that is what this is…) but the honest truth…i typed my name in a search engine tonight…and the one thing that insistently pops up is about an amanda shilling the porno queen…i don’t mean to be so derogatory…but i felt i need to clear my name from the nastiness of the internet. so as the saying goes…don’t always believe what you hear. and no no…i have no side businesses established.

so whew…the big send off into the cyber world to clear my good name and in time, my conscience. not of pornos, stop thinking that.

so no nasty comments in the future about me not having this thing updated. i really don’t have anything that important to say.

so there’s my blog. happy jasen? ben? paula? jeff “we call him wally”? and i would say chuckles but i don’t think he remembers that far back to remember me. except that i am jasen freaking ashdown’s girlfriend.

so again…there it is.

word to your mother. actually she can now read this for herself. so hey to your mother.


One thought on “to all i make fun of…

  1. Why don’t you like me amanda? Admit to your night job. We all know the truth. Maybe find a new boyfriend, Jasen is too old. He’s like a 30 something…

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