man oh mighty…i need some fast cash cause check out this…

the glasshouse (pomona, ca) a just-ok venue…

oct 30 rilo kiley, now its overhead

nov 4 death cab for cutie, pretty girls make graves

nov 12 the faint, beep beep

dec 9 pedro the lion

the troubadour (a personal favorite)

september 28 (tomorrow!) the good life (featuring tim kasher of cursive) ONLY $10!

HEY NIKKI this ones for you…

oct 24 the ska is dead tour (featuring suburban legends)

oct 28 john vanderslice (YES!)

nov 8 damien jurado

nov 16 minnie driver (hummm…)

the wiltern

nov 5 death cab for cutie

nov 6 bela fleck and the flecktones

nov 17 switchfoot (if you are into them)

nov 18-19 wilco (nice!)

el rey theatre

nov 20 rachel yamagata

nov 21-22 ben freaking folds!

check it out for yourselves…

and while you are at it…check out this… all i have to say is the shins are amazing…


4 thoughts on “shows-o-rama

  1. wow there’s a whole new world out here with all of that added in…man I hate not having a job.

    Did I read that right??? The Ska is dead tour? No Freaking Way…Suburban Legends! Well Hot Damn! Sign me up!

  2. I’m having a ‘by-blog-invite-only’ party/open house all weekend! 🙂 I’m not working Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so if you want to stop by and see the place, just call, and I’ll be there!

    And then Sunday I’m inviting everyone over for lunch after church. Good food, and plenty of space to lay around and relax. Let me know if you’re in! Hope all’s going well…

  3. Amanda, waas up, ‘girlfriend’? Did you have a good dinner with the da’ man? Miss you guys! My blog page is: It’s a BLOGGING REVOLUTION!! Will talk later. Love ya’!

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