glenn the faker fish

so my fish kicks ass…and allie’s fish (olivia) kicks his. but as humans, i have discovered glenn also starves for attention. .. or at least a plan of escape.

i was cleaning the fish bowl the other night and i placed glenn and olivia into separate bowls (like in any relationship…they need their space) so glenn started swimming around then floated sideways on the top of the water. startled, i yelled his name “glenn…glenn!” but i am sure it sounded like “wruppp…wurppp” ( i am still unclear on how to speak through the water barrier). but i think something aroused his attention because he immediately started swimming around. then instantaneously he repeated his behavior! so i poked him with my finger and gave him (what i like to call) and fishy spanking.

i believe this may be his subtle attempt to save him from the black nazi fish. bitch.

so we can all learn a lesson…you may not like someone very much…but at least you are not stuck with them in a 2 gallon fish bowl.


2 thoughts on “glenn the faker fish

  1. Thanks for the chat this evening dawg!!!
    oh don’t forget, it’s not olivia.. It’s HOLIVIA, because she ain’t nothin but a HO

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