totally on line diary worthy…

so what a day…here is a short glimpse into what was seemingly one of the best days i have experienced in a while…

well needed after a high maintenance type week…

* i was able to wear my imitation ugg boots because rain was in the forecast.

* but…first and for most…my baby flew home to me this morning. i would wake up a million times over if i could be reunited with the man i love. i missed him tremendously…welcome home sweetness… i love him more than a root canal…

anyway… hopefully you all are still reading and not experiencing dry heaves by now…

* i went to panera (one of my favorite places to eat) for breakfast with jase…yummy…carbs. my butt is still thanking me for that.

* pier one, and target were on the to-do-list and i found my snazy pumpkin lantern at hallmark. (this is a big deal in amanda world)

* i was able to meet a man who is a staple in jase’s life…and now i am honored to know someone who helped him through a rough time in his life. thanks chris…the check is in the mail.

* nikki came over and we went to south county united… it was awesome to see stace, jeff and chuckles. then i was able to play with stace’s new slider phone which i will soon have for my very own.

* jase let nikki and i have some fun “treats”…which we went back to my place and shared.

* we lit all our candles…placed them on my ledge and sat outside until it began to rain.

* it has ended with a little “best of jimmy fallon” on snl.


4 thoughts on “totally on line diary worthy…

  1. I’m truly glad I got to take part in such a wonderful day! Thanks friend. You have blessed my life in so many ways. Please know that I truly mean that!

  2. Whoa Amanda, Jeff and Stace are gettin pissed! Its all good though. They should know when its time to get a good frickin laugh. Tell J I’ll see him in Paradise!

  3. I love your blog. Its looks…calming. Makes me slow down. And I like the lists—the 10 things today list.

    People dont do enough lists.

    So now we’re even. I love your thoughts. You love mine.


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