ladies…brad pitt is back on the market. and slice up a big piece of that…


i love you jasen. he does not hold a candle to you. never. never.

now…one thing that has always irked me…this statement…

“i’m just too busy”.

i have always thought…hummm…you actually are never TOO busy for something…because if you really wanted it…you would make time for it.

but i have become this person. too busy for friends…to busy for going to bed on time…to busy to make dynamic lessons for my class so they won’t drive me bonkers all day cause we are stuck inside because of the rain. whew.

but i do love them…but i am too tired to think about it.

and the sad thing. i haven’t even started my class and winter camp.

i guess you can say that at least i’m not bored.

but of course i have “enough time” to accidentally buy $200 ugg boots on ebay.

don’t ask…


4 thoughts on “ladies…brad pitt is back on the market. and slice up a big piece of that…

  1. Amanda,
    I feel you on all of that. I’m just too busy to call but I’ll post this message. I really love you and hope to see you soon.

  2. my smart brother always said that busyness is a state of the mind… i think some people (especially in christian circles, and especially especially at christian colleges) LOVE to say they’re SO busy cuz it makes them feel important. and you’re right, you can’t ever say “I don’t have time” because everybody has the time, the SaMe time… we can only say “I’m not going to save time for it.” good thoughts…

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