my $40 "tension" headache…

i went to the doctor yesterday for him to tell me i am suffering from “tension” headaches…

$40 dollars later.

i could have told myself that i am under too much “stress”.

his anecdote…relax.

if only i had the option.

uh…can i have my money back?

so now… i live with the headaches and survive on ibuprofen. my head hurt so bad last night that i was afraid to fall asleep.

my doctor also noted on my record that i was in need for blood work…

so i get in line…pay more money for a big man who speaks no english to steal my blood. i asked him why..and he mutters…”me no understand…me no doctor.” “you needa to aska him…”

what i need was someone to hold my hand. i was a nervous wreck.

so since everyone was super pissy at the hospital…(and i even was funny! no one laughed!) i walked back to my car and cried for a while.

i hate feeling alone. i hate sickness. i hate that i hate.

i remember there was a time when i used to be an optimist. what happened?

this is the best season of my life. more amazing things have happened this year…then practically my whole life.

and i suffer from “tension” headaches…

what is this i have become?

and where is amanda?

and why are people at the medical buildings so angry?


4 thoughts on “my $40 "tension" headache…

  1. i hear smoking pot will get rid of those headaches… i mean you know if the booze cant knock them out. anyway the good news is i get paid vacation this is good cause im coming to your wedding.

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