i wanna be an ice princess…

last night i attended a second grade sleep over. 8 “ice princesses in the making” were made up in hair and makeup…and dresses to be pranced around yorba linda…in every 8-year-old girls fantasy… to be a princess.

these girls let me tell you were a riot. tiny little things in these leotards and “fancy dresses” made everyone stop and look at how cute they were.

first stop. the movie ice princess. where the girls were loaded with candy and popcorn. they sat in the “best seats”…the front row. until they were asked to come back with us…so they wouldn’t go blind.

man old people suck.

after the inspirational movie…we fulfilled their dream with actual ice-skating. so you could imagine…8 little girls in heavy make up and “princess” costumes…we were the talk of the evening. man i forgot how fun ice-skating really is…and right here in yorba linda.

yah boy.

when we arrived back at school…junk food and karaoke.

oh man what i night.

why can’t i be 8 again?

…but for a night…i think i was.


One thought on “i wanna be an ice princess…

  1. That’s awesome, Amanda! I saw your call on my cell, but was in the middle of dinner hosting the guest group here this weekend so I’ll call you tomorrow. Oh and guess what? It’s raining…again!

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