directly east

in a us history lesson, i showed my students where north carolina is located on a map.

directly east of california. on the “other” coast. far far away.

and this is where i am typing!

what a great trip it has been so far. i keep feeling like i have to leave tomorrow. i don’t know why that is. humm…

this week we are planning on looking for apartments and registering. this should be fun.

to state, i am so thankful the sharps made it home safe, and also i am thankful they were not effected (physically…but i am sure you were affected personally) by the recent quake which hit last night in Indonesia. thank you for your ministry. i love you guys. i know it is on your hearts and minds to return, so my entire work staff and school are praying for your forthcoming decisions. let me help you if i can.

so upcoming update…i have be contemplating what will my ministry look like when i move to an unfamiliar city…and jasen has just informed me of an upcoming service organization. is what i believe it will be called…but i could be mistaken. it is not up and running yet…but i feel so passionate about it…and i hope i can be used to help bring unity and community into a place that holds nothing familiar…

….we shall see…


3 thoughts on “directly east

  1. will be in need of some major help…so of course you can be involved, we would be delighted…and maybe you can help us figure out how to do it right? 🙂

  2. Miss you guys! That would be a great help to a much needed ministry Amanda and I’m know that God will bless your efforts and actions. Glad you’re having a great time with your loved one!

  3. didn’t we tell you? you’re in charge of it – we’re having a meeting in April!
    just kidding – it was great hanging with you guys Monday!

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