i’ll think about it tomorrow…in first class.

true to common form…yesterday i was having a difficult time leaving jasen…

to make matters worse…i needed to wake up at 4 AM (Eastern time) to catch my 6:20 AM flight…plus the time change.


walking away slowly in tears…i head inside to check in.

delayed till 10:40 AM.

jasen has no phone…and i don’t know his house number.


thanks to *411 i get a hold of the ashdowns and after 3 full trips back and forth to the airport…here i am still in north carolina.

the storms in the north east plus everyone trying to get back to the west coast leaves no flights.

so i have to stay an extra dalf and a half…and now i am booked first class.

my life isn’t so bad.

i am thrilled to attend church again with jasen…and spend another day here in north carolina.

i just hope i don’t fall asleep…it’s been a long morning.

…but a great one.


One thought on “i’ll think about it tomorrow…in first class.

  1. it was great to see you again sunday and finally get a chance to talk to you. i’m glad you made it back safely!

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