our registry!!!

so as you know, amanda was in town with me this week in wonderful NC! we had an amazing week-check my blog for details-in which we think we found a place to live and we finished our resgistry! you can head to the stores or go online to find us! we are registered at:

Pier 1 Imports

Pottery Barn


Bed Bath & Beyond

all went well at pier 1 and pottery barn, but when we headed to bed bath and beyond, we filled out all the paper work, were given the whole ‘talk’ and then given the best toy in the world, THE ZAPPER!! but only this time, our zapper sucked!! we didnt even get through the kitchen area before it started beeping and flassing ‘low battery’. urgh. so back to the counter, they give us another one, and not 6 zaps later…’low battery’. urgh again. so back to the counter, zapper #3. we make it out of kitchenware and are heading toward frames, mirrors, pictures, etc. and guess what….’low freaking battery!!’ at this time its late and we are beat from looking at apts all day and we just want to finish this….but because the all the zappers in the store are dead, we leave defeated by the low battery. but watch out zapper, we will return and run you out, big time!!

so on saturday we returned and finished at bed bath and beyond. all is well in registryland, happy hunting!

also, we received our ‘save the date’ material, so keep watch for a cool card coming from us!


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