plans are (slowly) under way

let me just say…i love my wedding planner wanda…what a lovely gift she has been to me!

so we have almost booked our photographer. we are just waiting for them to open up shop on monday so we can place the deposit. we are so excited about the images to come…check it out here .Sun Dance Photography.

to check out our photographer…go to the left side…click on image gallery…then by photographer…the click on the picture which says “Tana”. (sorry i couldn’t directly link it)

my friend Rubie let me in on some “wedding secrets”…so now i am in the process of choosing my flowers…i think we will be arranging them ourselves…

the offical colors….cranberry and celeron.

still looking for those perfect tasty treats…bottom line…catering is expensive.

jasen will be in town monday for a long awaited visit…so hopefully we will be able to get a few more things under way…we will keep you updated.

thanks so much for stopping by!

didn’t jasen do a fabulous job on the new site?


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