peanut butter-nut waffles…and a new title for me.

the waffle maker does most of the work… i don’t think i have fully grasped the gift yet…i have made them 2 times now…and i still can’t eat them myself…but at least jasen likes them…

in real life..i guess this is all that matters.

or maybe i need to get a real life…oh well.

it’s super foggy here at pondo. jasen and i came up to visit (translation…the boys play halo and i work…but i am glad aaron has a play friend. camp is still lonely…even when you have an amazing family here. (and boy does he!))

but to me…it feels like a saturday afternoon at winter camp. boo.

oh heavens.

i was taking a look (ok snooping) around aaron’s desk and saw “the list” if summer employees. we’ve downsized…almost dramatically. you would think when your staff decreases rather than expands is a source of concern…but everybody seems excited about this new approach. and something inside me tells me they are right.

and i received a promotion as well! my official title… “program supervisor.”

wowzers. still waiting for that raise dan.

so in recent news…i found… actually jasen and i found our wedding bands. i am usually pretty humble…but DANG girls! you will be so jealous of what my man has picked out for me…

2 words…

bling bling.


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