faith..hum…that’s what it’s called.

i have never been any good at it. i worry.

i always worry.

i was driving home from work on friday…and thoughts of leaving my job made me so sad. not because i am sad to move on…but i will miss them so much.

marrying jasen will be one of the most amazing moments in my short history. i am so excited to build dreams together in north carolina…and see how our story unfolds.

but i have no job yet. and here i have 3. don’t get me wrong…0 is much better than 3…but unfortunately you do have to continue paying bills even though you change your last name. they find you. they always find you.

so many questions unanswered… was september the best time for us to pick? school has started already…so i may not be able to get a job teaching…i haven’t found out about my praxis scores yet…so i may not be able to teach even if i do make it in time.

what am i even qualified to do besides teaching?

hum….i am healthy…i have a good relationship with my family…i have an amazing fiance. it is teacher appreciation week. ponderosa pines finally got a website. so those are great things..

so how do i trust more? God has brought me this far…and i know huge things await us.

it’s all going to be ok…right?


2 thoughts on “faith..hum…that’s what it’s called.

  1. It is going to be okay. The trust will come. God will give you faith in ways you never even imagined. He is faithful beyond our comprehension. Plus, if you don’t get a teaching job, you could always work at Starbucks!

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