and the moral of the story is…

here are 2 different stories we read in our readers today…

story 1

The Fox and the Crab

A little crab said to his mother, “I would like to go across the field up to that shining sand.”

“Your place is here in the water,” snapped the mother crab.

“But it looks so pleasant up there in the sun!” pleaded the little crab.

“A fox will catch you if you go on land,” snapped the mother again.

“But I want to go,” sulked the little crab, and off he went.

How nice and warm it was! How the sand shone in the sunlight!

“Oh!” said the fox coming along just then. “Here is my breakfast all ready for me!”

Crack! Crack! Went the crab’s thin shell. Soon there was no crab at all.

But there was a fox with a nice breakfast just eaten.

(located in the bottom of the page) The Bible Says: “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” -Exodus 20:12

story 2

The Stag at the Lake

One hot day, a stag came to a lake to drink.

The water was so clear that he could see himself in it.

“Oh, what beautiful antlers I have!” he cried. “How strong and how graceful they are! And they spread out like the branches of a tree! But what homely legs I have! So long and so thin!”

Just then the stag heard the horn of the hunters.

Away flew the stag. How swiftly his long legs carried him!

But the beautiful antlers caught in a tree. And before he could get them free, the hunters caught up with him.

“These miserable antlers!” cried he, as the hunters shot him. “I was so proud of them, but they have been the death if me.”

(On the bottom of the page) The Bible Says: “Pride goeth before destruction.” -Proverbs 16:18

well I hope you have learned as much as we have today.


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