in 24 hours…

events and thoughts for the day…

most recent…i found that my little brother has a my space…humm…i don’t get it.

what’s up with mexican music? now no disrespect…but i don’t get that either. it kinda all sounds the same.

how many football games can they possibly show in one weekend? they all played at my house. whether jasen watched them or not.

jasen and i went to home depot to buy paint for our kitchen/dining room. it was very sexy watching jasen maneuver his way around. he bought some tools. this made him happy. we bought paint. that made me happy.

our new paint looks amazing. pictures will go up on our wedblog…stay updated.

so no hurricane really hit our parts. we came home on saturday with full power, internet and cable. we were very fortunate…so thank you to all of you who had us in your thoughts and prayers.

however…we are experiencing the effects of the hurricane…or “media hyper-scare” as i would like to put it. gas is slowly getting restored…slowly…and when we went grocery shopping today…the store was missing much. oh well…

jasen and i have ran 6 miles in 3 days on the treadmill in our workout room. i realized running is much more entertaining while watching the cosby show.

jasen and i have today and tomorrow off. it’s nice. the church was out of power…and the pres and mayor said don’t go to work. OKAY with me.

living with jasen is really fun. enough said.

tomorrow jasen and i are going to register my car in texas. sad sad day. i will show you pics of me removing my ca license plates and putting the other ones on. oh man.

well if you don’t hear from me…i am sorry. i just opened my computer today since rita came for a visit. the other post was on jasen’s computer. i’ll get back to normal soon…hopefully. i do miss you all.

nikki i can’t wait to see you too.

much love and shoulder kisses…

amanda ashdown


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