my small part to update

i have read 2 books in the past 3 weeks. 1 in one day.

ok i’ll pat myself on the back.

my weight has been fluctuating 4 pounds every few days. it’s annoying.

i was able to find this herbal supplement dr henslin prescribed me. i wasn’t able to find in california…but found it in my very first venture to whole foods. i love that place.

jasen has said he has noticed a difference. whew…cause i’m a nightmare sometimes. hopefully i will see the doctor soon.

jasen and i had a great, relaxing time in new jersey. my family is awesome. check out our story begins for the pictures.

i have decided to keep my nose ring out. we will see if i actually go through with it.


One thought on “my small part to update

  1. Yo. Sounds like you are well. I miss not being there for things. Saw your pics on your guys’s blog…you look beautiful as always. I miss ya.

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