do you hear what i am saying? or just what you think i am saying?

there is a big world out there. and a big internet.

and i am so small. but my words…your words are big.

i know first hand the trouble of misinterpretation. my husband reaped those terrible lashes. it was awful.

hey people get a life.

so i have been exploring blogs and xanga sites for about an hour. everyone has one. everyone reads them. is it dangerous? are we all playing with fire?

people are reading what they want out of these personal diaries…cause that is what they are…and making them what they will. should we care? should we be careful?

sometimes they don’t get it. or think they do and don’t.

confused? me too.

when we post we are stepping out of the shadow. and it is beautiful. i hope it can be read for what it is…and not what we would like it to say.


3 thoughts on “do you hear what i am saying? or just what you think i am saying?

  1. thats so funny, lately i’ve been finding it hard to even write a blog for fear that i would be mis-interpreted. Or that i wouldn’t be able to put into words what im thinking. So thanks for putting that out there, it needed to be said.

  2. amanda stinkin’ ashdown….yes it is me over there in the xanga world. I know it’s wierd, me, blogging! so anyways I want to be friends again…you and me, friends. remember how resistant I was to blogging when you guys tried to sign me up when I was at your apartment in Brea? do you remember that or am I alone here? next on my comment for you is that this comment is ridiculously long. How is married life? thanks for the sarah b. baby pic…so cute
    ok so much more to say but like I said I’ll keep this short!

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