don’t mind me…i don’t have the cool stuff.

so my lack of posts are due to the fact…jasen posts about everything anyway. why would you want to see it twice?

well, enough feeling sorry for myself…here is the last 2 weeks from my point of view.


christmas isn’t about snowmen…but i just love them anyway.

taking a break as we finish up decorating our tree. the couch…we sure are lazy.

i will take credit for any picture i think kicks it…and i took this one from our porch…

jasen and i were asked to light a candle for advent…my bangs were cut way to short. bummer.

here is jasen’s new style. “after advent”

i got a sleep mask for christmas. just what i wanted.

i decided while we were in chicago that i didn’t like myself in pictures…so here is jasen at the chicago river. sweet vest huh?

these 2 pictures are me fascinated with watching my breath. and yes i blew into my fingers like a cigarette. what a child.

jasen may take the credit for this photo. but i actually took it on one of our 12 times marching to the gaylord area from our hotel in nashville. sweet lord we walked 20 miles this trip.

yes…yes. the best for last. this was taken at the famous ryman theatre in nashville and it was the most amazing part if the trip. christy nockles (my favorite female singer of all time…even above maria taylor…now you know i am serious) her husband, matt redman and friends lead in ancient and modern hymns. my response…i sat stunned and completely moved. i could not sing. i could not stand. it had to have been the most connected moment i had felt to god and my those around me. todd proctor, paula, her super cool friend leroy and paula’s sister and bro and law were there. it was really amazing to share that time with such a different combination of people. i wish i could have those moments always. i want to live life with that beauty. so perfectly versed and authentic. truly…an ordained moment.


6 thoughts on “don’t mind me…i don’t have the cool stuff.

  1. i miss you my friend. You are beautiful in all of these pictures and i can’t help but smile as you and Jasen look so happy. A hug for you from me.

  2. AMANDA!!!! I miss you so much, and I’m glad you shared those pics! I wish I could be there with you to share in those moments. So I’ve been thinkin lately…. and comin out to Houston for a visit and seein if it holds anything there for me. I’m sure it won’t take much convincin since two of my favorite people are there! Well much love.

  3. oh gosh. the hymn sing. amazing. it was the highlight of my week, too. i wish i could have a recording of that night.

    good seeing you guys!!

  4. i see that your new sleeping mask says ‘kiss me’ on it, but how are you supposed to get any sleeping done if he keeps kissing you? ………..?…….?…..

    ya look WONDERFUL.

  5. So…I just had to tell you that I finally tried raisans in my salad…and from now on, I won’t ever leave them out. I should have listened to you a long time ago. You’re so smart. Now I believe you that every time I said what’s up and you said your IQ…you weren’t fibbin.

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