hey there nikki!

so my new job is awesome. i have my own office and i am able to have these random breaks throughout the day. it’s a pretty sweet hookup. the internet to my computer is pretty heavily monitored so i am able to access bloglines…but not direct links to blogs. oh well…can’t win them all.

jasen is working on a new cd for lent. he is so motivated and driven…it is very excited to see him so passionate about a project. time is of the essence so he is working like mad. i have tried to give my thoughts and opinions, but it is more difficult then i thought, we went to the studio yesterday…and i was able to try it out…and soon find…i am not of the rockstar mindset. i couldn’t seem to find the timing of the music…so i was unable to “help”. we will see how it will all work out.

i wont hold my breath.

we sat down last night to “mind our finances”. oh boy. we didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves with our new income…so i am excited for us to maybe finally get ahead. we shall see. so nikki…i still don’t know about march. i haven’t forgotten you!


One thought on “hey there nikki!

  1. WOWEE. I was quite surprised when I got to your page. I miss you so much, and I’m glad the new job is going well. There are so many things I wish i could share with you, but I’m horrible at remembering them all….maybe I will write you a letter…I think I will. I know you haven’t forgotten me, as am I with you. I think about you a lot. I hope March brings good news, but I understand. Well I love you!

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