they waved to me from the camera…

i’m so smart. i figured out my valentine’s present early. death cab for cutie with franz ferdinand tickets in march. sweet. spoiled surprises are still sweet. figure that out.

so jasen and i weren’t able to catch most of the grammys…but we caught the pre show. dj am interviewed ben and the boys…and jasen and i watched with smiles to our ears at their awkward interaction and comments to the camera. but we loved every second. we were so proud and felt that special feeling when you watch your friends experience something great.

you get em boys.

but seriously…if i saw them in real life…i think i would be that weird fan acting like i knew them.

and i wouldn’t judge them for selling out. i would just say…seriously 35 dollars a ticket? what happened to the old days guys?


3 thoughts on “they waved to me from the camera…

  1. Yay for Valentine’s Day Presents— Monte bought me a new bike (yay for me, too! No bike since the last one was stolen in October!)

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