but i do read your blog

yea for president’s day.

no work today…actually i didn’t have work on friday either. nothing beats a four day weekend. nothing much going on this weekend which actually turned out nice. i decided to paint my bathroom, then got frustrated when i couldn’t do it by myself. someday i will just have to face the fact that i can’t paint/draw/cut straight. oh well. thank goodness i have a husband who likes to help. now i took/uploaded/and posted these pictures with out any help…i am sure i should have done “something different” but you get the idea…

so my new job is awesome. i float around basically all day helping small groups with reading activities/lessons. it’s very, very uh…easy. which is nice. the staff is great…and i really look forward to work each day. we are having a huge gala next month. so jasen and i get to get all dressed up in our hawaiian formal wear. they have a huge auction with prizes to paris…and to throw an opening pitch at an astros game. i hear when you have some heavily intoxicated wealthy people at an event such as this…money flies around like no thing. should be an interesting evening. fabulous food and an open bar. can’t beat that.

my computer at work has a lot of firewalls i guess they are called…but i am able to access my bloglines account. so note…i do read your blogs…i just can’t comment. i thought about saving the post i would like to comment…and post later…but i am on my computer so much during the day…i rarely want to go home to it too. plus my computer is running sooooooooo slow…that i usually avoid it unless necessary.

well i hope all of your february 14ths were super…jasen and i went to this sweet italian restaurant with friends…we will take you when you come visit. i leave you with a picture from that night. it was an accident i wore red. i am usually not that lame.


6 thoughts on “but i do read your blog

  1. Hi Amanda! The bathroom looks great…I love that color. I should call you soon…there is so much to tell you. Oh yeah I got my card! Thanks! It totally made my day. I love you!

  2. i do love the bathroom. i wish that i could decorate. i am a mess when it comes to matching colors and matching. i dont even match my clothes real good.

  3. you guys are pretty sweet lookin….plus i miss you… man how are things…..ya i have this gay blog thing and my last post was from august of 2005….i just remembered that i had it so i guess im back even though i dont know how to use it….but hey hope all is well keep in touch….later on

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