cracking the code

so i noticed today on my computer at work that for some reason i am able to access directly to blogs. man that was a really long sentence…anyway…i guess they found them safe after all. or maybe it will go back to normal soon. who knows…

but one thing i am taking advantage of…posting. it seems as though those are few and far in between. but not like i have anything to important to say that is.

so life has been so busy for us lately. as everyone knows…jasen just finished recording his album. it’s so great. and very personal. at least i think so… we opened a myspace account (or jasen did i guess)to be able to play and eventually sell the cds. and the kids were right…myspace is so addicting. now i know why “everyone” is doing it. i was blown away about how many people i know (or have known) who are involved. or should i say emerged. you click on a name and there is another name of someone you know…then another and the cycle continues. i tease jasen about “how many friends” he has.

and i wonder if this is how some people feel validated. “look at my page i have 5000 friends.” but i guess you can justify it by saying those are 5000 “friends” you are reaching with your voice.


i was even wondering why i blog anymore. so people will read it? so i can feel better about myself (or worse) because of comments (or lack there of?) why do i obsess about what people think (or don’t think) about me? and my true thought is…i truly feel i could care less if my blog is world known. i am thankful for the few people who read it like shan and alyssa. i really think i would loose contact with these important people if i didn’t have it. and for this i am thankful.

so i figure the less people who read it the better. then less opportunity to be misunderstood.


One thought on “cracking the code

  1. yes, keep blogging! let’s face it blogs are kind of wierd but i’m so thankful that it’s a way i can keep in touch with you. i feel like such a nerd because i haven’t actually joined myspace…it’s only because i’m technically retarted! anyways, i would really like to buy one of Jasen’s cd’s. do i need to buy it through your myspace account? let me know.

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