boy wonder…

so our surprise turned out well! timmy and mom had no idea we were coming. it was so exciting to see timmy’s face after graduation, he was so happy to see us. but who wouldn’t be?

jasen and i have been enjoying our time in california a little too much…the wheels are turning to see how we can get ourselves back out here…who knows what that looks like. but this feels like home to us.

plus…you never really realize how much you miss people until you are around them again. we love our california family.

i was even able to surprise my family at calvary christian school. man i miss that place.

any how…it will be hard to leave tomorrow. i literally teared up when i landed on tuesday. but i know we are refreshed that we will be returning in july for 10 days. sweet.

if we missed you this time around, we will see you soon!


isn’t timmy so handsome?


2 thoughts on “boy wonder…

  1. hey amanda…you really should move back to cali. seriously it’s where you belong! I’m glad you got to visit. i’m back in kansas visiting my family, traveling makes for so many moments of nostalgia huh? ok peace out!

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