do i know who i think i know?

well i am in a hotel alone…but i’m secure…i can hang.

but being alone gets me thinking about things…

those things…

do we really know the people we think we know? are all people fake in some way? now with no details to mention, i was recently informed of some illegal actions of people that i loved. it has nothing to do with jasen, or anyone who lives near me now. it actually in some way effects me, and i guess i don’t really know how to process these wounds. every time i try and voice an opinion, i feel so guilty for speaking on the subject. it truly isn’t my place to share other’s business. i even debated writing such a illusive message, but it has been on my mind.

i think it boils down to a human nature. no one is exempt from sin, no one can escape it’s strong grips. who are we to say “shame on them”.

i think if i could find the courage, i would tell that i love them and forgive them.

it’s about grace, not me.


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