go cubies

what an amazing place. we had such a fabulous time. we got there late, but all is forgotten when you are watching the cubies. too bad they can’t win a game. damn astros.

as we were walking out of the game i hear some one shout “houston sucks!” ha!

but i would account our trip to wrigley a wonderful glimpse in community and fellowship. no matter who you are, or what you look like…everyone hits high-fives and places their arms around each other in celebration. total strangers to each other. but you would never know that.

and they lost. all week actually.

i saw more unity and harmony there than at the willow conference. enough said about that.

anyway, even if you do not care for baseball…wrigley is one of the most powerful and moving experiences in america. which doesn’t say much.

good time in salt lake. beautiful city…Surprisingly. congrats becca and seahorse.


3 thoughts on “go cubies

  1. Baseball is amazing. I always enjoy the bleacher seats with the drunks. You not only laugh a whole lot but when they spill beer on you, they feel bad and give you money. Good way to make a quick buck and if you’re sitting next to someone who is out of control you can practically make as much as your ticket cost!

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