he always beats me to it

i guess it doesn’t matter, since hardly anyone reads my blog, but mostly jasen’s.

anyway. you may already know this but we are heading to california tomorrow. i will spend my birthday up at pondo like i have the last 10 years. nothing like tradition. i wonder if it will be weird up there…as a “guest”. i wonder if i’ll feel sad, or glad or what ever there is left to feel. humm…

however, it will be fun for all. we are spending almost 4 days there, before we head to kelly’s wedding. i can’t wait to see everyone again. it’s hard to believe it has been almost a year. wow. time has gone by so fast.

i wonder if hannah and baby leah will remember us? aaron have you been flashcarding our picture like i asked? well we shall see, won’t we?

stacey you and jeff better show up.

all i have to say about that.


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