oh ben oh noel…

so jasen and i just finished the first season of felicity. i have seen it all before but many many moons ago. last night, when felicity and noel break up for the first (among many) times, i could feel the pressure pushing down on my chest. then the tears came, and i said to myself..”damn you felicity can’t you see noel is the one?! who cares that simon rex is smoking hot!”

and don’t get me started on ben. my advice…stay away from boys who whisper talk.

man, college life is stressful.


3 thoughts on “oh ben oh noel…

  1. You know what’s weird…I was just thinking about getting this on netflix. I caught a few episodes last year…I would actually rush home at lunch to watch them (man I sound lame). I think you’ve just convinced me. I miss you and love you dearly!

  2. I loved Noel. And ben convinced me later to like him. But I didnt for a long time. And hello—didnt Ben cheat on Felicity later?

    Remember when Noel went to Germany with the Doritos girl and came back as Leon?

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