it’s done!

well my time, and my life has been taken over by my report cards. our school uses narratives, so i had to write out 1 page to 3/4 page summary of each student’s progress. I have never been apart of a grading system which is completely subjective. no tests to average, no scores to calculate…just my objections about each student. oh boy.

well it’s done now.

i feel like i’ve been 10 steps behind life…but it’s nice to (some-what) be back in the swing of things. we had a great time with nikki while she was here! it was nice for our “old life” and “new life” to merge together. thanks to chris and necole’s hospitality, were able to have a fabulous time in austin! check out our story begins to catch the full detail of our trip. jasen and i were able to have a brief chat with rosie about life and marriage. what an amazing memory to be etched in my mind. she is a truly gifted, and humble person. what a beautiful addition to this world.

and she’s funny. i can appreciate that. just like me.

so in other news…i have a nagging cough. and jasen is not annoyed. now that’s love.


One thought on “it’s done!

  1. that sounds horrible…a small narrative on each student? I bet that took you like an hour for each student. I’m glad you’re done though. I have conferences everyday until 5 this week. AHHHH! and grades are due on Wed.

    p.s. i love your wreath!

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