Christmas came early…

being in north carolina is wonderful, matt and allie are here…we saw jason and diana last night. feels like home.

but the biggest surprise of all was our early christmas present. jasen’s mom has been on weight watchers for a while now, and has found much success. she looks great. to reward herself when she reached her goal weight, she decided buy a pair of designer jeans to celebrate the occasion. kinda of like a motivation to stay with it, otherwise you wont fit into your expensive pair of pants.

so since jasen and i did weight watchers, and found success as well (jasen more than i)…she took us shopping. boy was it a process. but here i am with these babies…

and they are black…that’s pretty sweet. and yes that is my real body.


2 thoughts on “Christmas came early…

  1. So so good to see you guys…wish we could have chatted more…
    I am excited about the new house you guys have headed your way! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of it once you get ahold of it and make it “yours”!!!
    Safe travels back to H-town!

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