1.5 days and counting…whats you say?

man what a tough 3 weeks…

is that how long it’s been since thanksgiving? 4 weeks maybe? it’s seems like i am continuing to say…”if i can only get through this…then it will be fine…” but there are too many thises.

know what i mean?

so i have developed another saying from this precious student of mine…when i need further clarification on something, i say “whats you say?” i know its wrong…but i can’t stop saying it.

“what’s you say?”

today i had a grandmother come into our class to talk about Hanukkah. it was so awesome. she brought in homemade latkas (a potato cake) with applesauce. yummy. then we played with the dreidel. i found out the the origin of the dreidel is not clear, but the traditional story that goes back to the time when the Syrians wouldn’t let the Jews study the Torah or their language. One day the children had a toy and the toy, a spinning top, became their school, teaching them their language and their history.

pretty cool.


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