my space is SOOOO 2006

no real significance for the title…just thought it was funny.

and maybe a little true.

so work has started again…and now it is a long weekend. sweet. i already needed a break. in my “spare” time i have been trying to still get things in order around the house. the work is never done. i feel like i am in a creative rut. i can’t really decide on anything for the walls…but i am sure it will all come together.

you know it’s great to think of all the positives…but man it feels like the house is never really clean. plus we have killed about 4 bugs in the last 2 days. so it make me feel like i have creepy crawlies all over me. i wake up afraid that i will find something in my slipper…the bugs make me fell like the house is dirty, which i don’t know how it’s possible since we work so hard at it.

tell me i’m crazy.

but yuck.

i hate bugs. i hate them.


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