hummm…my guilty pleasure…along with american idol these days (however, i have been afraid to come out about that.)

anyway…M-A-C’s new spring line is “Barbie loves M-A-C “… and i think it’s fabulous. not like aiming to look like barbie should be a realistic goal for me…i read that if barbie was a “real” women her measurements would be 36-18-33, and she would have such a lack of body fat, that she would be unable to stand up.

yikes. not that i wouldn’t mind to lose the body fat.

ahhh..but i do love M-A-C.



seriously…how did this girl not go home?

boo america. shame on you.


season 2 goobled up…it was yummy.

sam should have been in the final 2, but i am happy with ilan.

he was like harold’s little bro. you be the judge…

even though i would never eat their food…their drama i will miss.