season 2 goobled up…it was yummy.

sam should have been in the final 2, but i am happy with ilan.

he was like harold’s little bro. you be the judge…

even though i would never eat their food…their drama i will miss.


3 thoughts on “foodtastic

  1. Ilan was a jerk!! He ripped on Harold! Sam should have won it but since he wasn’t in the finale, I was really pulling for Marcel

  2. personally, i wanted elia to win. sam had a temper problem, marcel was annoying and a cheat, and ilan lost my vote when he didn’t stand up with elia in the semi-finals. unfortunately, i didn’t see the finale, so thanks for filling me in :o)

  3. hey if i had to puck beteen the 2…ilan. i agree with allie. marcel was SO annoying.

    but i liked sam. actually i liked last season way better…but out of this bunch…sam was my choice.

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