lynn teeter flower…ummm my favorite.

so yesterday i left school at noon, jumped into our “convertable” with my sexy husband, and off we went to austin.


(in no particular order)

*being in austin (speaks for itself)
*scarf weather in march
*GINGERBREAD pancakes at austin java. wish you were with us nikki!
*wahoo’s fish tacos
*the marlows
*driving home while listening to loud music and singing into a water bottle
*getting my first “professional” haircut at granite hair studio and acquiring my own personal hair stylist. watch out jessica simpson.
*emos and maria taylor

now more elaboration on that last one. i LOVE maria taylor. love her. her last album 11:11 helped provide a voice for me in a very dark hour.

anyway…maria is on tour for her new album lynn teeter flower. fabulous. fabulous show, fabulous music. they were almost snowed in in omaha, but got to austin in time for the show. thank goodness. we were able to get a pre-released copy of the cd. buy it on new release tuesday, march 6th. you need it.

ok no more speaking in fragments. time for bed.


2 thoughts on “lynn teeter flower…ummm my favorite.

  1. Ok three things:
    A–I hate you for eating gingerbread pancakes. You cant make real pancakes in Japan. Not REAL ones. The batter is off.
    B-I had a dream about you last night and you were wearing Raggedy Anne’s costume and girl you looked smashing! No kidding! I mean you really pulled off that ragamuffin look…something to consider perhaps…
    C: I have a few songs from her 11:11 cd–is the whole cd as good?

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