so you think you are a rock star?

so we have been walking around downtown at the sxsw festival. everyone here looks so familiar. why you ask? because they all look the same! walking down the street is quite comical actually. each person looks like the person before them…or next to them. don’t get me wrong, they ARE cool. but why are you trying SO HARD to look different when all of you are looking the same? hummm?

so we are having a blast today. i do claim to love live music…but i have forgotten how much i love it. we got up early today to see bright eyes free…come to find out it was a “listening party” where you come to listen to his CD before it is released. oh well. things are usually to good to be true. tonight we are hoping to catch rocky votolato. i can’t wait. independent music unite!

well wish you were all here with us…


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