new home…new outlook

so i wish that statement were true.

actually our new home is fabulous. it really is. however…i wish we could just pick it up and place it in fullerton. right next to heroes. wouldn’t that be sweet? then i could see my friends, work at calvary and maybe pondo…and go to disneyland. did i ever take that for granted? i think i did.

jasen and i wonder all the time how long we will be able to stand it here. there is a lot of really sweet things to do here…anyway…another tear for another time.

we are off to boston in may…and california in august. family and friends here we come.

we’ve missed you!

uhh…the mud pit. don’t miss that!


2 thoughts on “new home…new outlook

  1. we can’t wait to see you in may and in august! oh the days in brea/fullerton. those were the good ol’ days. we love you and thanks for the memories of the mud pit!

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