holy muffin

ok kyle this one’s for you…

tonight on the bachelor…

one of the girl’s first words were “hey i have a joke for you”…

2 muffins are in an oven. the first muffin says, “man it’s hot in here!” and the other muffin says…”AHHHH a talking muffin!”

great first impression. I’d pick her. right kyle?


i do have a life and it’s not reality television.


4 thoughts on “holy muffin

  1. so how is American Idol coming for you, and who won top chef . . . sorry you don’t watch that much reality tv ha

  2. No way. Someone actually used that joke! Man, what has the work come to? Now everyone is going to think I got that off of the Bachelor.. Welp. there goes my career as a comedian!

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