yep…it happened to me

so yesterday i went jogging by myself because someone who shall remain nameless didn’t want to go…and i was having a great time listening to my ipod and enjoying my

when all of a sudden it started to sprinkle. just little drops on my head…then a little more. so i ask god “can you please wait until i get home before it starts to really rain?” a few steps later…more drops. then really heavy winds. i decide to pick up my speed and turn for home. then there was more rain. well god must had other plans.

at this point i am pretty wet and cold…but actually it was kinda nice. you never really get to be outside and “enjoy” the rain.

i ran even quicker home…and jasen greeted me at the door. he ran to get me a towel…then when he returned the skies opened up and rain flooded from the sky. i mean poured. hummm…maybe he was listening

american idol tonight= bon jovi. sweet.


One thought on “yep…it happened to me

  1. do you like that ipod/Nike contraption? I just haven’t found a pair of Nike’s I like or I think I would be all over that little chip. Hmmm…I miss you.

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