remember when my pants felt tight?

well they still do…but jasen and nikki say i am beautiful regardless…

long live chocolate cake!

so it’s the last weekend before school is out. i can not believe it. it went by so fast. it’s really scary how time is shooting right passed us. we have lived in our house for almost 6 months. we have lived in houston for 2 years! wow.

the summer will fly by too. we have so much going on in june…my head is spinning. if you live in north carolina or chicago…we want to see you. then california in late july and august for bennie’s wedding. wow it seems just like yesterday we were all at pondo being kids. not to say the people at pondo are kids…never mind…we’re just jealous. will dan ever want us back if i promise not to act crazy? that’s the reason isn’t it. i mean i will act camp crazy…but not…well you know.

speaking of crazy…nikki i wish i were running that mountain with you. i would carry you on my back all the way up the mountain singing crazy music from your ipod. man i miss you. those kids in springfield better realize what they are getting…and how lucky they are to have you. i will still believe in my heart that you think jasen and i are cool and hip. will you still visit? will you?

and last but not least…

blake will win american idol. sorry jeff.


One thought on “remember when my pants felt tight?

  1. First off I love you! Seriously…no matter how much time goes by or how much space is between us, I know I can always count on you and we can pick up right where we left off. And of course I think you and Jasen are hip and cool. I’d even go as far to say two of the coolest people I know…if not the coolest….Do you know how much you guys have influenced my life!? I think you do…and if you don’t come on!…you had a piece in my show for goodness sake! =) And yes…I will come visit. Will you come to Springfield to visit?? Or maybe we should just rendezvous in some cool city. I just need to get a better paying job…no offense Pondo! Ok I love you!

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