sunburn and softball

so we are on vacation. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. we thought we were without wireless…but we found one spot that works in the bathroom. whew…a whole week without internet? what are we to do? i already thought i lost my phone. but it fell out in jason and diana’s car. i can’t be away from ALL forms of communication.

jasen asked me today “does it feel like i am on vacation?” i said i didn’t know. does vacation mean you are away from work? or away from home? it were the first one, i can’t say i am on vacation. they find you…they always find you.

we have been on the beach for a couple of days. it’s different adjusting to nc beaches…i was laying on my towel yesterday and my face was next to 2 cigarette butts. nice.

dad or mom or even allie…if you read this…YES i have been putting on sunblock…tons of it and wearing a HUGE hat and glasses…however that sneaky sun has its ways to find me. i have a random burn on my upper thigh and that skin right under your shoulder but not quite your arm pit. and it hurts. boo. and what makes it worse is that all the ashdown’s have to do is mention “sun” and their skin turns golden brown. it’s sickening. i however will be content bundled like an Eskimo.

jasen and i have been watching the women’s college softball “world series.” don’t ask me why. it is interesting. it’s girl drama without the dialogue. very entertaining.

well…another day in the books. we will try and load some pictures soon.


One thought on “sunburn and softball

  1. so does this mean that you wrote this in the bathroom…sick…jk. i care about your wussy skin too! we share a similar tone that can be seen from space. that makes us special.

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