what’s right in the world.

as you know…we just returned from the arts conference. what a refreshing time and much better suited to our needs than last year. we were blessed with so many different types of service to communities. the last session was mosaic’s “Scribble” service. wow they are doing amazing things for the people of los angeles and surrounding cities. i think what i most appreciate about their team is they are not trying to be anything they’re not. and talking about embracing local culture. whew. i could go on forever about them. but speaking of mosaic…we were able to see our super pal nate at the conference. it was such a surprise…and a momma and papa bear could not be more proud. i am so glad he has found a place to use his gifts and talents. send him a line if you get a chance. he so busy, but you’ve got to hear about all the fabulous things he is apart of.

what is right in the world. ever thought about that? i know i am often focused on what’s wrong with the world rather than what’s right. jasen and i were just discussing how negative and cynical we have become. it’s scary actually. a flip in perspective is really what was needed.

i have discovered i am not comfortable in crowded spaces. so on the train to the city i was feeling overwhelmed and nervous. jasen and i were caring a lot of luggage so it was really awkward on the small train. so of course at each stop more and more people were getting on and crowding a little more. with the thought of the week still fresh in mind, i decided to take a breath and look around and see things through new eyes. i noticed a man get up and give his seat to a women and a child look around the train with awe and wonder. it’s amazing to think of all the things that are right with the world. mac (computer and cosmetics), peanut butter, the chicago cubs and dahlias.

i know we can name hundreds of things wrong in our world, but stop and ask yourself, “what’s right?”


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