the whole story::sweaty and itchy part 2

so i got up at 7 today (which is early for summer break) and i decided to go jogging before it got too hot. wait…i live in houston it’s ALWAYS hot. who was i kidding? my nikeplus says i burned 350 calories. but i think that was the percentage of how much water my body lost. as i was jogging along i felt a dripping sensation from my hands. yep…my palms were sweating too. yuck.

does this mean i will be more conditioned to run farther in california? i sure hope so.

also…i average about 2 bites a day from mosquitoes, spiders or whatever other terrible creature texas has to offer. god please stop the rain.


as you may have read on our wedblog we are moving to sacramento july 31st. crazy! we have been so busy recently trying to pull it all together. we put our house on the market on a friday and by sunday we had 2 offers! unbelievable! we out a lot of our furniture on craig’s list…and it sold within days too! we have been sitting on a sleeping bag in the living room because we have no sofa and sleeping on the full sized aero bed. let me just say that life is a little uncomfortable right now. but the moving truck is coming next week! then on to the lux’s!

can you believe all this craziness?

oh…and are you having a hard time finding shorts that fit like i am? man it’s annoying.


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