goal :: accomplished

not being from houston i have noticed a few things about the city that i thought was pretty awesome. before our arrival houston was voted the fattest city in america in jaurary of 2005 (not awesome)…so i wasn’t too sure what i would find.

i was surprised! houston has a lot of parks and tracks for you to run, jog or walk. and people are always outside! one place in particular is rice university. there is a huge track around the outside of the campus which is shaded by trees and nature. it really is beautiful. so my goal was to jog around the entire campus without stopping. yesterday was the day.

jasen dropped me off at the park before he went to work. (it’s about 1.5 miles or so away from first pres) i don’t have a stretch routine so i kinda eyed the other hard core runners and copied their stretching. i was so thankful the sun was hidden behind the clouds, plus the lush tress which covered the path made it much more tolerable to run in the humidity. i was so excited to finally run at rice that started way too fast. i started to get a cramp but i was not going to stop. i had made a sweet workout mix on my nikeplus ipod which really got me going. plus talking with tom was encouraging.

ready for the outcome?

4.18 miles
37ish minutes
8:45 pace

not only did i accomplish my goal! i beat my personal goals! man it felt good!

here is the fittest and fattest cities in 2007 according men’s fitness (i’m not sure how it’s ranked):

The Top 10 Fattest Cities in 2007

1. Las Vegas 2
2. San Antonio 12
3. Miami 14
4. Mesa, AZ 10
5. Los Angeles 3
6. Houston 5
7. Dallas 4
8. El Paso 8
9. Detroit 15
10. San Jose 24

The Top 10 Fittest Cities in 2007

1. Albuquerque 13
2. Seattle 8
3. Colorado Springs 6
4. Minneapolis 21
5. Tucson 4
6. Denver 20
7. San Francisco 7
8. Baltimore 1
9. Portland 17
10. Honolulu 2


2 thoughts on “goal :: accomplished

  1. Congrats on beating your goal! I can’t wait to run or maybe fast walk with you in Sac. I hope you and Jason are well. We miss you guys and can’t wait until you get here for good. When exactly are you going to be here? We want to help you in any way we can. Let us know. Love you guys.

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