tails california

yes i know…that’s a country song. there’s my homage to texas.

so the car is all packed. my skin glistened sweat as i “helped” pack the car. there wasn’t even any sun out. oh well. last night in houston…couldn’t have had it any other way.

we visited 2210 saxon tonight to pick up our mail. driving over there it felt like we were going home. when we arrived the new owner took us around to show us all the changes that have taken place. she was doing some Italian texture thing to the walls…and added crown molding. all i can say is that i am glad it didn’t look like home. i would have been very sad. so i left…only kinda sad. we stopped across the street to say “see you later” to baxter and family. he had cavities out so he was conked on the couch. he just turned 5 and he entered his first surfing competition. awesome. here’s a pic his mom stephanie snatched while he was asleep. too cute. i’ll miss you bax.

we had dinner with the jolinks at tony’s. fun times with that family. i really don’t think we could have spent our last night any other way. i’ve been upset here and there…but saying “see you later” to them was really hard. we love those guys.

we were asking ourselves “what was the purpose of our time here?” “did we make an impact?” “a difference?” “were we effective?” it’s difficult to be in a place for 2 years and make some connections then have to say goodbye. we say we will see each other soon…or we’ll visit…but is that just something you say? i sure hope not.

but we ware in for the jolink disneyland trip 2008.


One thought on “tails california

  1. Just know that you guys have made an impact on my family and my life.
    We are very sad but excited for you guys.
    We love you and can’t wait for Disneyland
    Love you guys
    The head of The Jolink household

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