it will all work out in the end.

is that in the bible somewhere?

i’ve been on a (mad) search trying to find a job. it’s really hard to do it when you are miles and miles away. i have had a couple of leads but i really didn’t feel good about the possibilities. so i continued looking. i took a hit to the ego when i found out i didn’t get the job i interviewed for…so i pursued one more lead.

i found a lead for an elementary assistant over a job search page. that sounded like the job for me. so i emailed my resume and didn’t hear anything (around late july) so i called and left a message. nothing. next, i emailed the head of lower school and her assistant. still nothing. i made one more phone call and finally heard something back last thursday when we were driving to california. i was told the principal would call me back before the weekend…but i didn’t hear anything until yesterday. the teacher i would be working for called to chat…and it went great! she told me i would hear back something early this week.

the principal called this morning and said, “we don’t normally hire sight unseen been we have really loved talking to you…and we love your resume. we would like to offer you the job if you are interested!”

so sacramento country day school here i come!


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