new life… new sleep

so we are at our new home in sacramento. wow…it is MORE awesome than expected. before moving i felt pretty guilty for spending extra money on a place when we could use it for something else…but now that we are here…well…i don’t feel so guilty anymore.

when we moved in yesterday we were greeted to a stack of coupons and gift certificates…just for living there! we were especially stoked to receive gift certificates to temple coffee house. this place it totally awesome and a block away from our house! we also get a free unlimited imax pass for the length of our lease. so i guess between the free coffee and music…we will make up for it in the rent. and yet again…it all works out.

i am having to adjust to the new noises and sounds of city living. we decided to sleep with our windows open last night. the sounds of trucks and cars was actually soothing to us. however…i think the people in the building have been used to the building not being full. we had some late night chatters talking right in front of our door…and i am sure they thought no one had moved in yet. so that woke me up…then for about 45 minutes i listened to the sound of the elevator ding up and down the elevator shaft. (we are down the hall from it…but i have really good hearing.) so maybe in a small investment in some earplugs…or having our furniture moved in will help.

today we are on a mission to find: a mattress, couch and dinning table and chairs. we are at least hoping for the couch. ryan and samantha told us about scandinavian designs so hopefully we will find some sweet deals.

so if you don’t mind…be thinking of a few things for us: our adjustment to a new city and jobs, finding community in our city and our jobs, to connect with those who live around us (people we don’t know yet…but would like to), and for us to have wise choices with our finances. our goal it to get rid our consumer debt this year.

who knows…it could happen


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