back at it…

so i love being a teacher. well most of the time. i LOVE having a 2.5 month sabbatical every summer. you know what i don’t love so much? going back to work. i guess life was a little abnormally busy this summer with moving across the country and all…but still.

i DO have to say… so far my school and all its staff are fabulous. i am excited to get in the swing of things.

i am able to be at work at 9 this week but waking up with an alarm has not made it enjoyable. who knows what next week will hold when i have to be at work even earlier.

going to work all day, trying to “work out”, and unpack has made me feel really tired this week. once our place becomes a little more organized i will feel like i can rest at home. soon enough.

samantha i will call you soon. thanks for your sweet message. allie…jasen has mislead you…i don’t know his true intentions about putting a video up for you. keep asking him.


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