homeless baskets

dsc_0029-palm-baskets-web.jpg  we spent most of yesterday trying to make sense of the madness. i have to say we really did get somethings accomplished. the office and living room are looking good…however we do have a million baskets without a home. big ones…little ones…round ones…square ones. what to do.

we went to the fair last night with the waltons. what BIG FUN we had. we really got to know each other last as i shared a family secret about jasen. all good fun.

we are back in full swing this week with work. i forget HOW TIRED i am at the end of each day. now i need to get as much done on the weekends! we finally went to trader joe’s (for real) to do some shopping. i finally remembered to bring my own bags to the store and they entered us into a drawing for free groceries! bonus! since we still are in our “pre diet” stages we decided to pick up some chocolate frozen bananas. y-u-m-m-y.

we are almost in business. we have some groceries…and a semi unpacked apartment. come visit!


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