i’m bringing blisters back.

(sung to the tune of JT’s sexy back.)

bringing blister’s back.

so this weekend was awesome. we spent it in portland with matt and allie. it was nice to relax…sleep in…and see the city. jasen and i scored 2 VIP passes to the nike employee’s store. thanks allie! not that this was exciting enough…we also heard the rumor was justin timberlake was in the store 2 days before. and we missed him. boo. i am not a nike employee so i didn’t sign stating i would treat famous people as normal customers. man if i saw him i would have been hiding behind the row of jordans looking for my opportunity to pounce. (to get an autograph for jasen of course!) but no such luck.

oh well. i will cry you a river.

however…i did walk out with some pretty sweet stuff. new nike+ everything. now i am ready for that 5k marathon. i also walked out with some new slip on converse. which are F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. however walking around in them all day w/o socks gave me blisters. huge blisters. the kind where you push on them and you feel something inside. gross. so i am unable to use my new nike+ because i can’t where shoes with backs.

don’t you hate it when that happens?

so i’m bringing blisters back.




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