it’s mad here i tell you!

so we have been running around trying to get unpacked. i know. 1 month and we are still unpacking. i can hardly believe it either.

and it drives me crazy.

i think i am just realizing how difficult it is to downsize from a 3 bedroom (with garage) house to a 1.5 bedroom (with no garage) apartment. but we are managing.

you want to hear how lame i am? i feel guilty having anyone over until its perfect. will it ever get that way? i know it really doesn’t matter…but still.

i am hoping our place doesn’t look too cramped.

well my eyes are tired and i’m sad we have not seen/talked too our friends the waltons. oh! did you her the awesome thing they did for us? you should ask them. they are good people.


2 thoughts on “it’s mad here i tell you!

  1. Ahhh… Thank you. We definitely miss you too. Don’t stress about wanting everything perfect at your apartment before people come over… I would feel the same way. Actually I do feel that way. Please let us know if there is anything we can take off of your hands. 🙂 I can’t wait to hang this weekend. We need our Ashdown fix. Love you guys.

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